Sunday, 18 May 2008


Well this month marked my ten year anniversary since becoming 'ill'. Although I don't accept that everything I have experienced is due to illness. I believe there IS a devil and his minion in this world RIGHT NOW. I believe they are running the show, and anyone on God's side is having their faith tested to the max. I know I am anyway. I have strayed from my faith many times and theorized on my Enemy being a spiritual alien race but I always come back to God. I wrestle with an evil in my mind all day, everyday. I cannot remember what it was like to have mental peace. My goal is to perservere to the end and hope for the best. I believe Jesus to be the Christ and through the word he spoke I was told I will be stable until the end. (The End I believe to be when I pass away, NOT the end of the world). I feel a huge connection to God's word, it truly is amazing that a group of letters and gospels written over 2000 years ago can speak to me about what I'm going through right now as though they were written by a loved one recently who knows me so well.

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